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His & Her Podcast

Apr 8, 2019

Experience all the health benefits of natural kombucha while getting a buzz on with Boochcraft's handcrafted organic, gluten free and vegan Kombucha with a 7% alcohol content.

In this episode you will hear from Adam Hiner one of the co-founders of Boochcraft sharing the inspiration behind the creation his company as well as their mission and core values behind being a sustainable and community driven brand. 

Boochcraft composts all of the juice and tea scraps used in their kombucha and only use certified organic ingredients sourced from local California farms.

They also believe in giving back and have created a program called Farm to Families where they provide fresh produce to low income families while also providing them with cooking and gardening education. 

If you are local to Arizona, Boochcraft is having their official Arizona launch event on Saturday, April 20 at monOrchid in downtown Phoenix. Get on the guest list and reserve your spot HERE

To find a location that carries Boochcraft near you:

You can also connect with Boochraft on social media:

Instagram: @boochcraft

Facebook: @boochcraft

Connect with Adam:

Instagram: @adam.hiner 



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