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His & Her Podcast

Dec 24, 2018

Merry Christmas Eve! 

2018 Self Evaluation:

1) Proud Accomplishments (write down EVERYTHING big and small wins and accomplishments)

2) What Could I have done better? What did I hold myself back on due to limiting beliefs, imposture syndrome, waiting to be more "qualified"/certifications etc.? Be very specific with how you can change each one to be on the accomplishments list of 2019 (write down actionable steps)

Rank All 5 Categories below from 1-5

1 Being Poor/Unaccomplished

5 Being crushed it at the top of your A game 

For everything labeled under a 5 write down ways to improve to make the number higher (ideally a 5 in 2019).

1) Health/Well Being & Fitness

2) Self Love

3) Travel/Adventure

4) Business Growth

5) Family Time/Relationships

Lastly, write a letter of accomplishment to yourself that you will want to read end of 2019 and say wow what a difference one year can make and I am so incredibly proud of myself for achieving these goals.



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