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His & Her Podcast

Oct 4, 2018

Have you been wanting to start a podcast and your not sure where to begin? Good news is you DO NOT have to be tech savvy I am far from that! In this episode I go over everything you need to know along with equipment you will need to start your podcast.

Podcasting Mics:

Blue Yeti

Blue Snowball

Pop Filter


My podcasting headphones

Adapter:You will need for your mic if you do not have a regular USB port on your computer or laptop.


I use Garage Band to record solo podcasts and edit all of my podcasts.

You can use Skype or Zoom to record over the phone interviews (I currently use audio Skype for recordings)

Purchase the Call Recorder that syncs with Skype to record calls HERE

Sign up for Libsyn as your hosting platform HERE


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