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His & Her Podcast

Nov 18, 2019

In this episode, Kyle shares about his entrepreneurial journey and the risks he has had to take along the way. He stresses on the importance to not wait until the perfect time and how he considers himself a fearless visionary who is not afraid to take MASSIVE ACTION QUICKLY.

He shares about his experience with having Tony Robbins as a business partner in OsteoStrong and how it has impacted his life and is now traveling all around the world with Tony presenting OsteoStrong at his events. 

You will also learn insight on franchising, the importance of niching down and tips on when is a good time to scale your business. 

To learn more about OsteoStrong and franchising opportunities you can go to 

You can connect with Kyle at Tony Robbins events worldwide. 

Re-publish - This episode first aired August 16, 2018


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